Custom vinyl car wraps, commonly called car wraps or vehicle wraps, have become very popular. This relatively new and rapidly growing industry relies on wildly creative precision graphic design teams and skilled installers. While many car wraps are installed for commercial purposes, there is also a growing demand for more personal designs, reminiscent of UKnized <a href=”http://En”>art trucks of Pakistan.

The Tattoo Car


(images via: Action Graphics and Signs)

The tattoo car is a full wrap and serves as a memorial to Paul Rodgers and Carolina Slim. Action Graphics and Signs designed the graphics and wrapped the vehicle. It is an every day personal vehicle, so this wrap gets a lot of attention.

Sleek and Animalistic Wrap Designs





(images via: Super Wraps)

At Super Wraps, the focus is on unique design. This company offers completely original custom vinyl car wraps or allows you to choose a pre-made design for your vehicle. Vinyl car wraps can be short-term or long-term, and partially or fully cover the vehicle.

Car for a Cause



(images via: Action Graphics and Signs)

This car was wrapped by Action Graphics and Signs for breast cancer awareness. Shawn Pilkington drives the brightly wrapped pink car in support of his wife who has battled breast cancer.

Larger Than Life Vehicle Wraps






(images via: Skinz Wraps)

Skinz Wraps has several locations in the U.S. and provides complete vehicle wrap services. This leading company in vinyl vehicle wraps employs top designers and installers and does not sub-contract any part of the process. They offer the “flat black” wrap that is stunning, but somewhat hard to find.

Car Wraps Are All the Rage




(images via: Rage Wraps)

Rage Wraps in Illinois provides bold and unique designer graphics on vinyl to transform any vehicle into a work of art. The company focuses on commercial designs to get businesses noticed out on the street.

Rolling Billboards




(images via: Vehicle Wraps)

There’s nothing subtle about the work done by Vehicle Wraps. Here vehicle wraps are larger than life and promote the latest trends. Since vinyl car wraps can be frequently changed, they are a quick, easy and less expensive alternative to custom paint. All that, plus they protect the paint underneath from the sun and minor scuffs and scratches.

Vinyl Car Wraps Make an Impact




(images via: National Impact Wraps)

At National Impact Wraps in Texas, they have perfected vinyl car wraps down to a science. The company competes in vehicle wrap competitions and provides striking designs for corporate and personal vehicles.

National Appeal




(images via: is a national company specializing in corporate fleet vinyl vehicle wraps. Working on such a large scale allows the company to keep costs lower. In addition to corporate fleet car warps, CarWraps also designs and installs custom vinyl graphics on personal vehicles.

Vinyl Car Wrap Training and Competition





(images via: 360 Wraps)

360 Wraps in Texas not only designs custom vinyl car wraps, they provide training to educate others on the proper wrapping techniques. The company also participates in speed wrap competitions and are great sports, even when they don’t win. Perfection takes time.

The Vinyl Car Wrap Process




(images via: 360 Wraps)

Laura from 360 Wraps shares some photos of the car wrap process. Digital designs are created based on a vehicle-specific template. The designs are then printed on vinyl with adhesive backing. The vinyl is then precision cut to fit and skillfully applied to the vehicle.

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