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When that classic car that’s been sitting in the driveway for years is ready to go to the junkyard, there is an excellent way to keep it closer than ever. Convert that hunk of junk into a gleaming piece of furniture, and enjoy the ride every time the television is turned on.

(Images via archirezdesign, 360dgrs)

Imagine playing a game of pool with a bunch of friends on a pool table made out of a beautiful vehicle, or sitting down at the bar on stools crafted out of recycled Vespas.

(Images via archirezdesign, thisnext, dornob, fixhomedesign, elitechoice)

Basically any piece of furniture can be crafted out of a junker with enough artistry and expertise. An entire house could be furnished in the most interesting way on the block.

(Images via izismile, crookedbrains)

Ever wanted to upgrade the family aquarium? Don’t trade in the old car in the garage! This could be the perfect time to create that innovative and arresting feature for the home.

(Images via odditycentral, vlane)

When the true car lover is ready to cruise into the afterlife, there’s only one way to go, and that involves a custom car casket. Alternatively, pull up the sofa to watch the closing credits on a wonderful life.

(Images via roundedoff, ridelust, fixhomedesign)

Whether one considers butchering an old classic as blasphemy, or environmental artistry, it’s hard not to be impressed by the creativity and skill used to put together these converted car works of functional art.

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