[Update] HST II is a concept long-distance road haulage envisioned to transport high volume containerized and palletized cargo units with a proposed overall 29 meters of length and 65 tonnes of maximum gross combination weight. If you still remember our post about <a href=”http://www.En Derin.com/hst-truck-design-for-better-maneuver”>HST, than you can see that HST II is a better version from the previous HST Truck. This vehicle can be operated with a comprehensive yet straightforward computer just like a modern passenger car. The large 2.90 meters long cab provide a comfortable living and working environment that cannot be imagined in the contemporary trucks. Aside from the considerably larger size, HST II is different from usual articulated trucks by extraordinary fuel efficiency, a higher level of safety, extensively improved driving experience, enhanced infrastructural and environmental considerations.

hst ii truck

hst ii truck

<a href=”http://www.En Derin.com/hst-ii-truck-by-kioko-muthui#more-3058″>(more…)

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